Beyonce O’Clock


Hi everyone!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m not even going to explain myself and go into it because I’ll be doing it every time I post it seems. I hate these huge gaps between my posts but I swear there’s just not enough hours in a day! Every time I say that, I remember a meme I saw once that read something like “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce”. I think this meme is supposed to be motivating but it really isn’t. Like let’s not forget Beyonce is an A-list celebrity with pockets deeper than most and a team of hundreds of people at her beck and call waiting for queen B to say when. Where’s my glam squad, PR team, entourage and assistants?! Me myself and I, that’s all I got, the end. LOL. Ok I’m done, I think you get my point, on to this outfit.

I really liked this springy look I put together. I think it would work great for a nice lunch with friends or for a date. It’s a nice balance between casual and dressy, but you could definitely swap out a few items and get it to be super casual (with Converse and a cute backpack) or more on the dressy side (with some heels and a clutch). I’m all about outfits that can be worn again and again with a few changes that keep them interesting. Try it out with some of your staple looks to get more out of your closet. You don’t always need new pieces, sometimes all it takes is a few new pairings!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment if you also shed a tear every time you wake up and realize you’re still not Beyonce and if you also can’t find enough hours in a day.

FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-4IMG_3965IMG_4016Cardigan: H&M (similar) | Top: Urban Planet (similar)| Jeans: Simons (similar) | Bag: Story Handbags | Shoes: Old Navy (similar)

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