Spring Neutrals


Hey guys! How are you all? Anyone else suuuper excited that it’s finally actually looking like spring here?! Mother Nature has been playing us lately with last minute snow storms, freezing rain and fake sunshine, but finally the temperatures are climbing. Still, the day I wore this look was one of those days where you look outside and a huge smile spreads on your face because your like OMG sun!! Then, you step outside in a cute (not winter appropriate) outfit and proceed to regret all the choices you made. I was fooled by the sun. It was cold af, but I wasn’t about to let winter win so I carried on in the cold (but really it’s because I was taking my car and wasn’t going to be outside for too long).

I’ve been really loving this turtleneck lately. I picked it up at Simons during their boxing day sale for only $20! It was my first time at the Simons we have here and I was super impressed with their selection and the sales they had at the time. I hate it when you walk by a store and see their giant red sale signs and walk in to find out that the sale is a sad 10% or limited to a rack full of sad left over pieces that are barely holding together. Umm what is that?!?!  But anyway, I had a really great experience at Simons so if you haven’t been yet make sure you check them out! I’ll definitely be going in there more often.

IMG_3544IMG_3588IMG_3545IMG_3621IMG_3694Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | Turtleneck: Simons (similar) | Jeans: Old Navy (similar) | Boots: Forever 21 (similar) | Bag: Story Handbags

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