Another Pair


So this summer I added ANOTHER pair of black boots to my collection (don’t tell anyone but this is 1 of two pairs this summer). I know! I have a real black boot problem. I genuinely CANNOT help it. Every time I see a pair of black boots I have to look at them. They are seriously my weakness. This time around I picked up these Doc Martens which I purchased at Little Burgundy. I’ve seen these boots around for years and never looked at them twice, to be honest. Then it seemed like every blogger I was following was wearing them and they just ended up growing on me (I swear if I see something enough I end up liking it/ wanting it…what can I say, I’m an advertisers dream.) At first, I didn’t think they would suit me since they are so chunky and my legs are so skinny, but after trying them on I couldn’t stop thinking about them and ended up getting them for a festival I was going to. It’s been love ever since! I literally plan outfits around them and I’m so excited that fall is around the corner so I can really start getting the wear out of them!

This is one way I styled them this summer. This outfit is very “tough girl vibes” but I felt great in it! Can’t wait to show you guys other ways to style these boots. Are they your style? And anyone else can’t help themselves around black boots!? Let me know xo

ACS_0121IMG_8689_Facetune_29-07-2019-16-53-24IMG_9243_Facetune_28-08-2019-10-59-31IMG_8674_Facetune_27-07-2019-17-00-16Bodysuit: Zara (similar)| Jeans: Zara  (similar)| Boots: Dr. Martens| Backpack: Call It Spring (similar)| Sunnies: Rayban

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