I’m finally getting another post up! I’ve been feeling uninspired lately, it’s just too cold to wear anything cute or go outside really :P.

To ease me back into blogging I went with a fairly safe all black outfit to stroll through the snow. Though I’m never opposed to an all black look, it can get a little boring. To avoid that, I usually make sure to include different textures in the outfit. For example, in this look I played with leather, knits and fur to add some interest and keep the look from falling flat. You can apply this trick to any outfit really, not just monochromatic ones but I find it’s a must when wearing one colour from head to toe.






Fur collar: H&M | Jacket: Forever21 |  Sweater: thrifted | Jeans: H&M+DIY |  Boots: H&M | Bag: eBay

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