Ends & New Beginnings

IMG_0108WOOOW…it’s been quite some time! Longer than I even thought! So let’s catch up.

I know I’ve done this a lot. Coming on here and saying that it’s been a while and giving you all my excuses. But this one really takes the cake. I haven’t posted since SEPTEMBER 1ST!!! I’m actually horrified. Long story short, (because I’m deciding to no longer explain myself on here because this was a space I created for myself where I make the rules and shouldn’t have to explain myself why it’s been so long because well I know why. I just sometimes feel bad in case anyone out there has actually become attached to my ramblings or you know the amazing outfits I post on here….I joke) school got really intense last fall because we had a condensed semester, then we went off to a 6 week placement and then the winter semester was pretty much the semester from hell and I just wasn’t and haven’t felt inspired to post on here at all. There it is my long story short. The good news is that if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve known that I was still alive and well since I’ve still been posting on there. And in other good news I’M DONE SCHOOL!!!!!!! Well, I’m done all the course work, so no more classes ever! I still have my final placement to complete starting on the 6th of this month, but then I’ll be completely freeeeeeeee (if you think I’m excited… YOU HAVE NO IDEA).

So this brings us to now. I’ve randomly felt the need to come on here again and post. Not sure how long it will last but I’m going with it for now. I had some content from months back that I hadn’t posted so I’ll start there and get those pictures up (starting with this batch from last summer in LA featuring the top I lost there….. I’m still not over it).

So anyway, I hope that if you like to check in on here you’ll be happy about this return. I’m feeling pretty pleased about it myself. Oh, and I mentioned it before but I’ll say it again for anyone who missed it or if your new here (HI!). I’m also on youtube now (probably another reason why I haven’t been on here)!! So feel free to subscribe to me here to keep up with me. I think the end of my schooling chapter is going to be the beginning of an amazing new one and I can’t wait to share it with you all via all the socials!

IMG_0100IMG_7290_Facetune_03-05-2019-19-21-19IMG_0352_Facetune_22-08-2018-16-46-34Top: Simons (similar) | Shorts: Thrifted (similar)|Backpack: Call It Spring (similar) |Shoes: Calvin Klein (similar)

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