Art District Vibes


Hey guys! Happy long weekend!! Honestly, I’m not actually that excited about the long weekend because I go back to school next week *insert ugly crying face*. Noooooot excited. But on the brighter side of things, it’s going to be my LAST TIME going back to school and that is cause for celebration!! By this time next year, I’ll have a master’s degree under my belt and I can promise you that I’m not going back after that lol. Every time I talk to my family about it I tell them that I want a graduation party with balloons that spell out “Congraduation NO MORE SCHOOL” and I’m a 1000% serious about it!

Enough about school, on to the outfit. This is one of the outfits I wore while I was in LA. It was probably one of the most comfortable ones to wear. But what I really I loved about this outfit is how the kind of random mix of pieces worked so well together. That’s seriously the best thing! Just throwing on random things and being like ya, this is a looook lol.

Hope you guys like this outfit, Let me know 🙂

IMG_0421_Facetune_01-09-2018-16-55-44IMG_0420_Facetune_01-09-2018-17-13-17IMG_9926_Facetune_01-09-2018-17-02-21IMG_0136_Facetune_01-09-2018-16-46-39Top: Thrifted (similar) | Pants: Thrifted(similar)|Shoes: Calvin Klein (similar)|Bag: Aldo (similar)| Watch: DW

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