The Basics & The Trend


Friyayyyyy!!! I’ve been waiting for this Friday for what feels like 100 yrs! Even though it was a short week. But I decided to catch some sort of a cold this week / I’m still recovering from last weekend. I went to a music festival in Montreal (check it out in my M T L story highlights on Instagram)  and pretty much I’m a grandma and I just can’t even lol.

So like I mentioned in my last post, I’m posting an outfit that I shot forever ago now. I loved shooting this outfit and really loved how the shots came out. Also, I think it’s still pretty relevant, especially since the weather is not doing us any favors lately. This is something I would wear for a girls night out/drinks with friends. And the best part is that you likely already have some version of all these basic pieces in your closet.  Well, maybe not the shoes. They’re a pretty trendy piece, but every ootd needs a little trendy pop… no?

Hope you guys like the outfit! Have an amazing weekend xo

IMG-5199-Facetune-29-11-2018-14-53-47IMG-5445-Facetune-29-11-2018-15-17-35IMG-5202-Facetune-28-10-2018-18-55-54IMG-5204-Facetune-29-11-2018-15-13-26IMG-5203-Facetune-29-11-2018-15-08-55IMG-5446-Facetune-29-11-2018-15-21-36Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)| Top: H&M (similar)|Jeans: Zara  (similar)|Shoes: Le Chateau | Bag: Aldo (similar)

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