City Street Chic


Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Back on the blog with a quick post to share this outfit that I’m obsessed with. This is my “Karen! where’s my Starbucks and have you ordered my Uber to take me to that very important fashion event!?” outfit. Seriously Obsessed! lol. Too bad I didn’t actually get to wear it anywhere. I had it in mind to shoot for so long but was waiting to be able to wear it somewhere first, but that didn’t happen and with the weather quickly warming up I just ended up shooting it to get it up on here. So don’t judge me in the fall when you catch me wearing this exact look at an event or something, cause it’s going to happen.

I wanted to talk about the 2 newest pieces in my closet that are featured in this outfit. First are the pants, which I actually got a while back but this was my first time wearing them. I love how they can be dressed up or down, that’s why I included that shot where I paired the whole look with sneakers. I wanted to give you guys the option if you’re not a heels girl and to show that you can dress down the look to wear it day to day. But ya these were such a great buy, they’re super comfortable, pair with lots of things and are very trendy at the moment. Speaking of trends, these itty bitty glasses have been such a huge trend in the past months and I’m betting they will be for the remainder of the year and into the following year as well. I get they’re not everyone’s thing, but I love them. They’re just so chic/cool and I think they really finish up a look. Also, it’s a nice change from the oversized sunglasses trend we’ve seen for years.

Facetune-2Facetune-3Facetune-1Facetune-5Facetune-4Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) | Turtleneck: Simons (similar ) |Pants: Simons (1 2 3 4) |Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Zara (similar)| Glasses: Zara

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