Why I’m Smiling Brighter- At Home Teeth Whitening That Works!

IMG_9895_Facetune_08-07-2018-18-19-36Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this post with you today. Prepare yourselves for lots of exclamation points! So a few months ago Smile Brilliant reached out to me to ask if I wanted to try out their whitening system. I’m not an avid coffee drinker, most tea tastes like watered down juice to me and classy or not I just prefer white wine over red. So I really don’t know why my teeth were so stained, I’m guessing that some people just might be more prone to staining than others and that I’m just one of those people. That being said, I’ve wanted to whiten my teeth for a really long time, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them, plus I was tired of trying random at-home whitening remedies that don’t really give results.

Ok, a little bit of background before we get to the epic results! Once I agreed to collaborate with Smile Brilliant, I was sent a lovely package from them. I won’t go too much into the details about all of it because everything that comes in the package is so well explained and all the directions you need are right in there for you. What you receive in your package is this special putty to make molds of your teeth that get sent back to Smile Brilliant who then send custom-fitted trays to use for the whitening process. Also in the package, you’ll find your whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I first did my molds which was a pretty easy process if only a little uncomfortable with lots of drooling lol. Once the molds where made, I sent them off and a few weeks later I received my custom whitening trays! I was sooo impressed!! They fit perfectly, hug every tooth and are super comfortable to wear.


Now, let’s talk about the whitening process! So every day for 10 days I whitened my teeth using a small amount of the gel in my trays. They recommend to whiten for 45 mins to 3 hrs each time, which seems like a lot but the trays are so comfortable, I would just put them in, forget about them and carry on with my activities. I chose to whiten in the evenings while I was studying or just Netflix and chilling. This is one of the things I REALLY loved about this system because you can go about your day unlike for example whitening at the dentist where you’re stuck there in a chair for a while, not to mention how much more expensive it is compared to this.

The whole process went really well! I was worried about having sensitive teeth after whitening, so most days I only did it for 45 mins and only ever went up to 2.5 hrs but I didn’t really end up with any sensitivity (I’m sure the desensitizing gel helped!). I also applied coconut oil on my gums before putting my trays in to protect them since contact with the whitening gel was a little irritating but no worries nothing crazy, that would’ve stopped me from whitening.


Ok, drum roll please!! Time for results! There’s not much to say, the before and after says it all. I’m sooo happy with the results!! My teeth are so white I can’t even get over it!! I totally smile a little harder these days and people have noticed (which is always the best feeling right?!) Oh and take in that most of the time I only whitened for the minimum amount of time suggested and only used 1 of the 4 whitening gels provided (still have more for future touch-ups!). So basically, best decision ever, I’m so glad I did this!

1531105673843I’m so happy with my results that I want to share my smile with one of you guys, so I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!!!  I’ll be giving away a Smile brilliant whitening system to one of you guys! To enter, hit that follow button on the sidebar and click HERE to be entered. The giveaway is open to anyone living in Canada, the US, UK and Australia and will be open from now until July 26th 2018. I also have a coupon code for you guys to use on the Smile Brilliant website. You can use coraliescloset15 to get some money off your purchases.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed this post xx

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