Travel Diaries: Jamaica

c10Hey guys! So my boyfriend and I went to Montego Bay Jamaica back in February, yes I know that was forever ago now. Here are my best excuses for this late af post: 1. School (need I say more?), 2. Lots of pictures to go through and edit, and 3. This year is flying by it’s not my fault!! But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this post anyway and maybe even take some summer outfit, vacation or bathing suit inspo from it!!  

Ok, the back story before I get into it. It was the first time I was actually able to travel during my reading week off from school and my first time going to Jamaica, so I was sooo excited to be able to go. We spent 5 days at the Royalton White sand resort and spa and it was everything I needed to break up a painful semester lol. Usually, when I’ve done my travel post in the past I’ve gone on about all the details of all the different aspects of the trip but this time I’m going to refrain and just let you enjoy the visuals with just a little bit of commentary so enjoy!! (side note: if you actually want to know more about the resort/our stay if your planning a trip or something I’d be happy to help so leave a comment or send me a msg via the contact page at the top)

1521685211887Travel: We almost missed our flight taking this airport outfit picture!

1521684906895Hotel Room & Grounds: How perfect is that drone shot we took!? And yes that’s a lazy river you’re seeing!1522198433062

Beach & Pools: Got gifted this bikini from Nora Swim before I left and I’m obsessed!! I’ll be wearing it all summer that’s for sure. I’m even thinking of getting another one, her stuff is just sooo good and she just dropped some new stuff that I love.1522201184301Food & Drinks: This is the first resort I’ve stayed at that had 24hr room service. I thoroughly enjoyed this feature!


Excursions: We went on two excursions this trip. First was to Dunn’s river falls waterfalls which was epic and a must if you ever go. I felt like an Amazonian princess climbing to the top until I saw my raccoon-eyed reflection (don’t wear mascara!). The second was the Blue Lagoon which was unbelievably cool to see. It’s an area of water that has blue plankton in it. When they get agitated they glow in the water making it look like Poseidon himself is about to swim out of the water.IMG_9594Outfits: These are some of my daily outfits during my stay. I mostly went for flowy beachy looks, but of course I could forget about my high waisted shorts.

So are you booking your tickets yet!? Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite part of traveling is. See you in the next one xo

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