Falling for Fall Fashion at Place D’Orleans


Photo by Zara Ansa

Fall is finally here!!! We’ve already talked about why I love fall and fall fashion so much (if you missed that convo read it here). But this fall, I have even more of a reason to be excited for the season thanks to Place D’Orleans‘ “Fall for a Fabulous Find”campaign. Place teamed up with myself, Alyssa Beltempo, Emily Smith and Erin Elizabeth and challenged us to style our best head to toe fall outfit with pieces we could find at the mall. I was so thrilled at this opportunity because of course I love a good fashion challenge and Place is somewhere I go to quite often since it’s in my area, and did I mention that I love fall fashion!? 

I got my instructions and made my way to the mall with no plan other than to let myself be inspired by what I saw. Maybe that wasn’t the best plan because…well, lets just  say I got a little excited and kinda fell for everythingggg. I was able to narrow things down and come up with this casual cool look that incorporates lots of textures and trends that will easily fit into my current closet. So lets get into it!


My first stop was H&M (surprise!) where I spotted this really cool men’s wear inspired oversized pin stripped shirt that I had to have! It’s not an obvious fall piece, but I thought it would work great as layering piece and knew that it could work well in my closet if I mix and match with items already in my closet. Still at H&M I then found the perfect long sleeve knit turtle neck to layer over the shirt. I love it because it’s thin enough to layer with, without looking bulky and has a great side split detail with a longer hem in the back.

I’m so happy that I was able to find these boots at Aldo. I absolutely love them and they were so perfect for this look. They’re a black bootie, which is a must have for fall but these ones are extra special because they are the ‘sock boot’ trend that’s really popular right now and especially great for my awkward skinny ankles since they extend further up than the traditional ankle boot.

I only have 5 words for these Garage jeans; new faves, can’t stop wearing! Seriously, they’re great; high waisted, distressed, cropped, and I’ve seen Aimee Song of Song of Style wear a similar pair…need I say more? Actually yes, they also work amazingly with the boots I picked out….Love!

img_5390Yes I’ve professed my love for pretty much every piece in this outfit but the Eye Can’t (or is it can’t eye? hmmm) purse is definitely my most special find! I found it at the Bay on sale for $35 and even though my mom thought it was a complete eye sore (If you only knew how proud of that pun I am LOL) I had to have it. It’s such a fun and quirky pieces that I know will get some questions and conversations going.

After having put my outfit together, I met up with the Place team at Fritomania (seen in the first picture) which is this really popular spot in Orleans for yummy fries.It smelled sooo good while we were shooting and just thinking about it I could really go for some now. Fry-day treat anyone?


So this is where it gets exciting for you! Place is holding a FANTASTIC contest where you have the chance to get your closet fall ready and find great pieces like I did with a $500 gift card!!!! The contest starts this coming Monday, September 26th and runs until October 7th (enter here). Thank me later and if you win we can grab lunch at Fritomania and wear our awesome fall outfits together 😀

img_5506img_5432img_5639Beanie: Forever 21| Coat: H&M |Shirt: H&M |Turtle Neck: H&M Jeans: Garage Boots: Aldo | Purse: The Bay (similar) | Nail polish: Essie


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