My Fashion & Beauty New Year’s Resolutions


Hey guys! Happy New Year!! We’re 7 days in already. How are you doing? Have you managed to keep your resolutions so far? I don’t usually make resolutions. I definitely think about things that I want to do and achieve in the coming year, but don’t really set them in stone or make a list. This year I’ve surcome to the resolution hype. I’ve made a few beauty and fashion resolutions that I thought I’d share. Let’s see how long I can keep them up.

Beauty: My beauty resolutions all revolve around one thing: my skin. I don’t have terrible skin but there’s definitely room for improvement. So this year I want to be more skin care focused and less makeup focused. Makeup can only do so much and looks better when you start off with a healthy base anyway. So for this resolution, I want to commit myself to the following:

1. Drink more water: I don’t know how I haven’t shrivelled up into a prune because my daily intake of water is seriously pathetic! I’m going to get myself a cute, giant water bottle and make it happen.

2. Getting my beauty sleep: I seriously sleep way too late, I’m like oh look it’s 12am, I should probably start editing pictures for my next blogpost…why?!? No more looking like part of the walking dead cast.


3. Exploring and finding the right products: Once I start using a product, I usually stick to it as long as it doesn’t cause any obvious bad side effects. So I’ve been using the same things for a long time that aren’t necessarily doing me any good or bad. This year, I really want to find products that will actually improve my skin and work with my skin type.

Fashion: My fashion resolutions also work together. They all involve my closet and shopping habits.

1. Minimize my closet: I have too many items in there with tags still on, that I haven’t worn for years, don’t fit, are damaged, the list goes on. This year I want to clear out all the unnecessary clutter in my closet so I have a nice, put together closet of item that I love and reflect my current style.


2. Use the 30 times or more rule: When I’m out shopping and ready to purchase an item, I’m going to ask myself, will I wear this at least 30 times? I love this rule because it will help me with fashion resolution #1, save me money and spare me from buyer’s remorse.

3. Shop more stores/brands: In my “A Walking Ad” post, I talked a little bit about how my closet has been taken over by Forever 21. Well it’s not just because I won that contest. I’m guilty of sticking to my comfort zone and shopping the same stores, so my closet ends up being full of items from the same handful of stores. It’s not really a bad thing but I’d like to have a little more variety and explore more brands.

So thats it! Those are my beauty and fashion resolutions for 2016. I think they are pretty reasonable, and that I’ll be able to commit to them and check them off at the end of the year. What are some of your fashion and beauty resolutions?

IMG_2532IMG_2633Jacket: Forever 21 | Dress: Forever 21 | Boots: H&M (similar)| Bag: H&M | Beanie: H&M

3 thoughts on “My Fashion & Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

  1. These are great resolutions and good for you for wanting to up your water intake. You may also want to start your day with a cup of warm lemon water! LOL! It’s not the greatest tasting, but it did wonders for my skin. I also shed a few pounds (not that you have any weight to lose at all).

    I have a fashion resolution I’m going to stick to if it kills me: Buy less and invest in better quality pieces. I want a pair of Loubs (that don’t kill my feet), I want to treat myself to a designer bag, I want a nice watch, I want a nice piece of jewelry that doesn’t come from Forever 21 – hahaha. #iWant #iWant #iWant


    • Thank you! It’s really bad I have to do better. That sounds good, I might try it (not for the weight loss, I might disappear! lol).YES girl! Get those Loubs and that Chanel, I’m rooting for you!! I might be able to help with the jewelry. Have a look at, you can use the code coralie20 to get 20% of anything from there 🙂

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