How I Curl My Hair + Tips For Long Lasting Curls


Hey guys! Today we are talking hair!! I recently posted a video on my youtube channel showing you guys how I curl my hair. In the video also shared my tips on how I keep those curls fresh and long lasting. Long lasting curls are super important to me because: 1. I’m hair lazy and don’t want to be touching up throughout the week, and 2. because touch ups = more heat damage which is a big no no.

I snapped a quick selfie today (03/20) to show you what my curls look like one whole week after having curled my hair (day 1 curls can be seen in the above picture).


Pretty good right?! I often even think my curls looks better the longer I’ve had them. Watch the video HERE to learn my long lasting curl secrets!

See you guys in the next post xox

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