Hey guys! I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. What a strange and weird time we are in. It often feels surreal and has my mood going in all sorts of directions. I think we are all trying to do our best to deal with the situation the best way we know how. For me that’s continuing to do the things I love  so I’m here sharing this outfit I wore before sh*t really hit the fan.

Hope you like this look and that you all are coping well!

1D2165E5-3C7E-4ADF-BF95-9AFEF47566E72C8AF9E5-E53F-4A4E-845C-33263C0FA23344467D05-39F0-4F89-A431-C22D4950C8A923EBF07D-826B-446E-8BAA-8FA3EBB1E778Blazer: F21 men (similar)| T-shirt: H&M (similar) | Joggers : Elly Pistol| Shoes: NA-KD

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