Keeping It Real


Usually when there’s a gap this big between my posts on here it’s either because I’m focused and busy at school or because it’s “don’t leave my house” season also known as the months of January February and March when it’s bitterly cold. But this time, this extended break doesn’t really have to do with any of that. I’m still in school but not overwhelmingly busy (yet) and we’ve had a lot of unseasonally warm temperatures so far this month (It’s a high of 4°C today). So, what’s the explanation? Well my year so far has pretty much been a series of unfortunate events and as a result, I’ve been really unmotivated. But I’m not really even sure if I can call it that because I’ve taken pictures, I’ve even had everything other than the written part of this post ready for weeeeeks and haven’t been able to get myself to write anything until now. I even contemplated putting it up with no text but today I’m forcing myself. And because I have nothing fun or exciting to share, you guys that actually read just get to listen to my sad song (sorry!). But hey, here’s to a first step in the right direction, pushing forward and finally sharing this outfit.

And by the way it’s +4°C but I’m not saying you should recreate this outfit now, save it for inspo when maybe we get to +15°C, or at least add some tights and layer a coat over it for now. Continuing with my keeping it real attitude, I’ll let you know that I didn’t actually wear this outfit to go anywhere. It was just something I styled to shoot for the blog. And really, I still don’t know where I would wear it to in Ottawa. Probably just to an event I got invited to. Buuuut if I were a fashion intern at a New York magazine this would probably be my uniform. Actually, it reminds me a little bit of some of the outfits Andy wore in The Devil Wears Prada. You know that montage of her walking through the city to work in all her fabulous outfits? Ahhh literally my favourite part of the movie!! Ok now I’m off to go watch clips of it.

Thanks for reading! And I sincerely hope your new year has been off to a better start than mine…even if you did already break that resolution 😉

IMG_9077IMG_9082IMG_9079IMG_9083IMG_9078Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | Top: H&M (similar)| Skirt: H&M (similar) |Boots: Call It Spring| Watch: DW


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