In The Clear


Hey Guys! I’m finally out of exam season and in the clear. I swear it was the most stressful exam season of my existence because my school decided it was a good idea to have us write all five of our exams in one week! Yaaa that one every day. To say I was dying is the biggest understatement of 2017. I even missed one of my exams thinking it was at a later time of the day then it really was!! Thankfully my prof was super chill about it and let me write it later that day but that was quite the experience. I’m so ready for the holidays!! I really need this break and I’m super excited for my first Christmas living with my boyfriend. We just put up our tree last night and I have to say I nailed it with my ornament picks, it looks so good!

Like I said I’m super excited for this Christmas but I’m taking you back in time with this outfit that’s totally unrelated to the holiday season. I styled and shot this look months ago in collaboration with Call It Spring for their email newsletter, which was such a cool opportunity! The newsletter went out and I squealed at my screen when I saw it and shared a bit about it on Instagram, but I thought it was too early to share the complete look with you since it was still pretty warm out. But I’ve waited so long now that I think most of you that check in on the blog will need to adjust and add a few layers to this look since its gotten quite cold and snowy here. Blame exams, but I still wanted to share this look with you all so here we are. But on the positive side, if you’re loving these boots as much as I am then you’ll be happy to know that they’re on sale now (link is below)! These boots are definitely what make this outfit. I love the clear heel, which I played off of and chose the clear glasses to style them with. And of course, you guys know that I love my monochrome looks so this time I went with a grey sweater dress and coat for a chic and comfortable look.

Hope you guys enjoy this outfit! xo

IMG_8178IMG_8187IMG_9009IMG_9007IMG_9008IMG_9006Dress: Forever 21 (similar) | Coat: H&M (similar) | Boots: Call it Spring |Bag:  Call it Spring | Glasses:  Call it Spring

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