Neck Tie & Blue Jeans


Hey guy! Wow, it’s been such a busy week. I’ve been running around non stop, but I can’t complain because I’m feeling super productive! Hope you all had a great week as well and are ready to enjoy the weekend. I thought I would start mine off by doing one of my favourite things aka sharing an outfit with you. I love knowing that you guys come back here looking for inspiration from me! It makes me so happy because that’s the point of this whole thing! I also appreciate those of you who click onto here just to show your support (Hello relatives!).

I hope today’s outfit can continue to provide you with some inspiration and show you that all you need for a nice look are your basics and a few fun trendy items. For the basics, we have the maxi cardigan, white shirt, boyfriend jeans and black booties. Together they make a pretty standard and easy base for your look. When you have that, you can pretty much add anything to take your look up a notch and really tailor it to your own personal style. On this day I went with this fun little neck tie and my current favourite bag. Some of you may think a maxi cardigan like this on isn’t a basic closet necessity but I found that since I’ve gotten this one I can’t stop wearing it! It’s been the perfect piece to complete outfits. It makes it seem like I’ve done a little more styling to my look than I have but keeps things looking effortless.

Hope you guys liked this post and outfit! I’ll see you in the next one but one more thing before I go! I’m part of a pretty cool campaign going on at Place d’Orleans right now so make sure you check out my socials (all links in the sidebar) to find out how you can get involved and possibly win some gift cards! Alrighty, have a good weekend!!

FullSizeRender-8FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRender-11FullSizeRender-9Cardigan: H&M (similar) |Shirt: N/A (similar) | Jeans: Wild Blue Denim (similar)| Boots: Aldo (similar)| Neck Tie: Ardene (similar)| Bag: Aldo (similar)

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