Back to School with Simons


Who’s ready to go back to school!? Are you raising your hand? No? Me neither. I used to like going back to school when I was in high school, hmmm actually make that elementary school. Back to university just marks the beginning of stress season, all nighters, eating terribly, looking like a zombie with unwashed hair…should I go on? As much as school can be a complete and total pain, I always try to remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to go to school and how valuable education is.

Keeping on the bright side of things, back to school also means back to school shopping!! Of course that has always been my favourite part of it all. I started my shopping a few weeks back by taking a trip to Simons (have you seen their amazing new store in the Rideau Centre?). I was able to get some great basic and trendy items that I know I’ll be able to wear in so many different ways throughout the year. My favourite piece I got is this awesome black bomber jacket. First of all it’s black, my favourite and it’s the perfect piece to keep warm in cold lecture halls. Its also the perfect piece to finish off a cool, casual look. I also love this white t-shirt. White t-shirts are definitely a staple in my closet, I have to stop myself from buying one every time I’m shopping, but I loved the detail added to this one with the cross-over neckline and couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

Simons is one of my favourite stores and it has so much variety so it had to be one of my first stops. I want to know where you’ll be heading to get your back to school styles so leave me a comment!

Happy shopping and good luck in the new school year! I hope you slay your exams just as much as your outfits :P.

_DSC9899_DSC9990-Edit_DSC9972-Edit_DSC9940_DSC9996All items from Simons : Jacket| Top | Skirt | Shoes |Choker (similar)

Pictures by: Art of Effah

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