End of Summer Haul


Can we just have a moment of silence for the summer that was. I could just cry thinking of the cold ahead. I do love fall though! Fall fashion is definitely my fave, but let’s be real, fall in Ottawa is more like a fling. Winter is the real commitment if you ask me. I’m sending off the summer by sharing with you some of the newest beauty and fashion items I’ve purchased this summer. 


I was looking through the nail polishes at Urban Outfitters and found this gorgeous navy blue colour that I had to have. I think it will be a great nail colour for fall and it’s this sort of muted tone which I prefer on my nails. I also found this matte top coat that I really wanted to try out. I’ve yet to test it out, I’ll be sure to update you on how I like it, but I think matte polish is a really cool look over all and especially for fall. (Similar navy and matte top coat polishes)


I may be the last to know, but the excitement I felt when I saw an e.l.f store was soo real! lol. I had no idea they had stand alone stores. I thought you could only purchase their stuff through other stores like Target. They have so much variety in there, more than I expected and I had no idea what choose. I’ve always loved their makeup brushes, most of the ones I own are e.l.f, so I thought the safe bet was to head for those. I picked up this contouring brush and this daily brush cleaner because I have a serious problem cleaning my brushes, so I figured this would help me keep them a little cleaner. Not from e.l.f, I picked up one of L.A. Girl’s HD pro concealers in dark cocoa to contour with. I’ve just started dabbling in contouring and highlighting and L.A. Girl is so raved about I thought I would give it a try.


I’ve been on the hunt for a hat like this for a little while now. I wanted one with a nice sturdy wide brim, since I already have one with a floppy brim. I found this one at Forever 21 for only $12 and its perfect! Can’t wait to style it. I was at a flea market in Montreal when I found these sunnies. I have issues with glasses fitting the bridge of my nose but these ones have a larger bridge and fit great so I had to grab them. I also love that I couldn’t find them in black, so I was forced to branch out and get them in this interesting reddish brown colour.


I can’t say no to white tops, I love them all!  I picked up this deep V-neck one at Zara for only $15! I’ve already worn it and it’s really flattering and comfortable (if you want to see it on, check out my insta and find a similar one here). I also grabbed this sweater at H&M. Sweater weather is coming up so I’m stocking up! Huh, just noticed that both these items are V-necks, guess I’m really into that at the moment. But I also can’t wait to rock turtle necks!!

IMG_7650 IMG_7658

On the left: I picked up these leather joggers at H&M for only $10 on sale!! I LOVE sales!!! And I really like these and can’t wait to style them, they’re the perfect bottoms for fall. (Similar here)

On the right: I’ve worn these distressed boyfriend fit Garage jeans like they were my uniform ever since I got them. I love the relaxed fit and they’re super easy to style up or down. (Similar here)

IMG_7676 IMG_7681

Lastly I picked up this jumpsuit from Toxik. I guess navy blue is another thing that I’m loving that I hadn’t noticed! This jumpsuit is great, I was really drawn to the neckline and the umm backlessness?? Is that a word?! I don’t know lol. I like that its backless😌. I think it’s really versatile, I should be able to wear it casually and dress it up as well. (Similar here)

The end! Hope you like this post. If so let me know with that like button! Also leave me a comment if you love e.l.f brushes as much as I do or are having a navy blue and v-neck moment. Talk in the next post!


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