New York Photo Diary

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Hey guys! Today I’m sharing little snippets of my New York trip with you all. I travel there pretty often, usually once or twice a year since I have family out there. Because I’m there often, there will most likely be other New york posts in the future, so I figured the best way to share my trip with you is through this little photo diary.

Row 1: We went for one week this time around but when we arrived we decided to drive up to Connecticut. My cousin goes to school there and had some last minute school related things to get done so we decided to tag along with her. While we were there we went hiking at the Sleeping Giant State Park. It was my first time going hiking and I had a blast! I was totally terrified of the heights because we were fully scaling the mountain at some points (I felt like a Mountain Goat 😂😂 ), but the views at the top were absolutely worth it. Plus it was a better, more fun workout than leg day at the gym 😜.

Row 2: Food porn!!! First off we had Chipotle, it was my first time trying it, and honestly I think about it every day now!! lol. Its sooo good! I shed a tear every time I think about how we don’t have it here. Next, we went to this awesome cookie/ice cream place called Insomnia Cookies . We had Cookiewichs, mine was chocolate ice cream sandwiched between a chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter cookie… yeah I know, amazingg! That last picture is one I took of my yummy pasta meal at Eli’s on whitney. If you’re ever there, give the Mac & Jack a try. My sister had it and it was cheesy and delicious.

IMG_7274 IMG_7229 IMG_7226 IMG_7199 IMG_7246 IMG_7270

Row 3: Towards the end of our stay, we decided to spend a day in the city. We walked around for hours, did some shopping and sightseeing. If you are planning a trip down, bring some comfy shoes and prepare yourselves for the crowds. It can get a little overwhelming at times but I just love the whole atmosphere.

Row 4: This is what I wore on our day out in the city:

Top: Forever21 (Similar) | Jeans: Garage (Similar) | Shoes: Aldo (Similar) | Bag: H&M (Similar) | Blazer: Forever21 (Similar) | Rings: H&M (Similar)

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