Casual Fridays


Hey guys! Just a quick post today to share this outfit with you all. Quick because I have a pile of school work that I should really be getting to but have been finding all the reason in the world to avoid getting to it. Ughhh can’t wait for the end of this semester!

This has become one of my go-to looks for school. Its easy, comfortable and stylish which is everything I need for a school outfit. I’ve been loving this look so much that I’ve  worn several variations of it to school including today. Today I switched up the sweater and coat, which you might want to do as well since it’s gotten a lot colder then it was when I took these pictures. Or if your lucky and live in a place that doesn’t freeze over this time of year you can go with loafers like I did the first time I wore this look. What I never switch out in this outfit are these pants. I’m so surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed them and how much wear I’ve gotten out of them so far. I bought them last winter to wear to my grad school interview and figured I would only wear them for such occasions but turns out I wear them all the time now. Totally recommend you add something similar to your closet!

Hope you guys like this post! I’m gonna go pretend to do some school work now. Have a great weekend xo

IMG_8854IMG_8859IMG_8858FullSizeRenderIMG_8857IMG_8856Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) | Sweater: Simons (similar)|Pants: Zara (similar)|Shoes: Call It Spring | Bag: eBay (similar)

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