Hey guys! So got through my first week and a half of grad school and it’s been quite the interesting start trying to adjust to all the changes. To give you an example, we’re a super small group of 25 girls. I’m used to huge lecture halls with 100+ students so it’s been quite weird, especially with profs wanting to get to know our names. I’ve just been a student number for so long that I’m like umm my name…why? But anyway it’s been good and I’m enjoying it so far! Hoping you guys in school are off to a good start as well.

This is one of those outfits that I was super excited about and eager to shoot but didn’t end up actually wearing it before posting. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to wear it. I’m thinking it would be great to wear to a lunch, dinner and a movie or a blogging event I may have. It’s one of my favourite looks this summer, even though I think I say that about every outfit I’ve posted this season. But this one is in my favourite colour combo so you know it’s real. I’ve been absolutely loving these white denim culottes I’m wearing here. I found them at a Value Village not too long ago and have been obsessed ever since! They could fit a little better around the waist (that’s why I belted them but you weren’t supposed to see that) but I really couldn’t pass them up. I definitely recommend you hop on board the thrifting train if you haven’t already. Besides the culottes, I’ve also been loving this top. My mom gifted it to me and since seeing me style it has been trying to steal it back. My sister has had her eye on it as well, but I’m not giving it up! Do you guys have family members always eyeing things up in your closet? I know you guys with sisters will be familiar with the “you stole my favourite shirt” and  “I was going to wear that” fights.

Hope you guys like this outfit. Talk in the next one! xo




IMG_8413FullSizeRenderTop: Sears (similar)| Pants: Thrifted (similar)| Shoes: Call It Spring (similar) | Bag: Forever 21 (similar) | Earrings: my mom’s (similar)

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