Printed Black


Hey guys! Happy Friday! It’s one of those days where I stare at my blank screen and have no idea what to write about. I don’t have much to update you guys on so I think I’ll just stick to outfit talk for this one. I wore a more paired down version of this outfit to school last week and really liked it so I decided to fancy it up a little and shoot it for the blog. For school, I actually wore the blazer and didn’t just have it over the shoulders and I really only had it on when getting to school since it was slightly colder out. I also paired it with a more casual tote bag and skipped out on the showy glasses. For the blog, of course, I added those extra details to show you how I would style this look outside of class.

I love that this outfit looks quite simple but when you really have a look at it, you’ll see that it’s actually quite an interesting mix of patterns and loud pieces. I wouldn’t normally think to pair snake print and pinstripes together but done like I have here, with the inside lining of the blazer only slightly showing really worked for me. Besides that, what I think makes this mix of loud pieces work together is that I’ve kept everything monochome making the look seem more toned down then it is. My final tip is to tell you guys to get yourself a snake print skirt! I love this one I’m wearing! I think they are a great versatile piece to transition your wardrobe into fall with, so if you hadn’t considered them maybe go ahead and try one on next time you’re shopping.

Hope you like this post and look! Talk in the next one xo

FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-1FullSizeRender-2IMG_8476Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | Top: Province of Canada | Skirt: Simons (similar) |Shoes: Call it spring |Bag: Aldo (similar)

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