Forever 21 Shopping Party Haul


Hey dolls! Hope you all had a happy Easter! I had a fun weekend spending time with friends and family and eating of course, my food baby is still alive and well lol! Ooh and the chocolate, sooo much chocolate!!

I wanted to share some of the things I purchased, having won the Forever 21 shopping experience. This experience has made me fall in love with Forever 21 all over again. They have really upped their game and I’ve been able to find some pretty awesome things.


So first off, let’s start with this faux suede aviator jacket. This jacket is my LIFE!! I’m so in love!! I won’t go into too much detail because seriously we’ll all be here forever and you’ll be seeing it in an outfit post anyway. But I will say that if you’re interested in getting it, it’s now on sale! Check it out here or head to the Forever 21 at Bayshore, they should still have some (Here’s a similar one here).


This trench coat is the most spring-y thing I got. It also comes in black, but I resisted and got it in this pretty blush colour. I thought it would be a great light layer to transition into spring with and it would help me incorporate more colour into my outfits.


Yup another coat. I have a problem, don’t judge me lol. I thought this one would be really nice to dress up a look, it’s a great fit and really chic. This one is also on sale If you’d like to get your hands on it. Get it here.


I love these boots, I first saw them on the F21 website and knew I would end up getting them. I love that they have this sort of shiny almost rainboot looking finish to them. I can stomp through puddles without worrying about ruining them!


This knit coat is gonna be a great staple piece in my closet for the spring. Again I love the fit and length, it adds a chic vibe to an outfit while still keeping it comfy and casual.


Here, I squeezed a couple of items in together just for you all to have a look. I won’t go through them all, but again you will see them in future posts. I will say that I’m really pleased with these loafers, I’ve always wanted a pair and these will be perfect to add an androgynous feel to some looks. Also wanted to mention the statement necklace. I’m more into dainty jewelry or really no jewelry at all but this necklace is slowly changing that!


This jacket is everythinggg!! Looking at it. I can’t believe it’s from F21, just because it looks so much more expensive then it actually was (On sale for $32). It’s super well made, the leather feels great, quite heavy and structured. If you’re in need of a leather jacket and dont want to spend too much, trust me this is the one. Get it here or at Bayshore, they had a couple of them left.

Now that I have enough coats for a small army, I swear I will only be purchasing spring and summer items. Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found something that you like and might just get for yourself. Stay tuned for outfits featuring these pieces, see you in the next one!

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