S i m p l i c i t y


It’s safe to say that I waited too long to post this look since it’s gotten so cold here. But hopefully, some of you live somewhere where you can still get away with a similar outfit. If like me, you are somewhere where it’s clear that fall is in full swing and that winter is on its way you can still pull off a similar look. You can easily make this outfit more cold weather appropriate by adding a few layers. I really like the simplicity and effortlessness of this look. I think it’s great how a few basic pieces can be paired together to create an easy trendy look. Continue reading

Closet Staples


Hey guys! How’s everyone doing? Hope the answer is “great” or if you’re in school and it’s midterm season at least an “I’m surviving”. I’m also in midterm season and it’s a busy time so I’ll be keeping my post shorter than usual. Hope that’s cool with you guys but the pictures are the best part anyways, right? Continue reading