LACMA Lights


Hey guys! I told you I’d be back with more LA content! So here’s the first outfit I shot when I was there. We shot this at the LACMA lights which is an outdoor art installation at the museum. It’s fairly popular, or at least I thought it was until my boyfriend kept calling it was the Louvre, which had me on the floor laughing. It was definitely a must see for me and I knew it would be a great location to shoot an outfit so I’m so glad we got to check it out before heading to dinner that day.

My dinner outfit consisted of these white denim culottes that are pretty much the only pants I want to wear this summer and this floral wrap top from Zara. I checked out the Zara sale while I was there and found this top on sale for like half the price!!! Ughhh don’t you hate when that happens!!  I’m just gonna have to pretend I never saw that. Besides that unfortunate discovery, I really like this top, even though it soo girly. I swear my style gets sooo cute/girly in the summer I don’t even recognize myself sometimes lol. Especially when I think back to the period in my life when I  hated being called cute. My sister always makes fun of me for that. She’ll be like “You look so cute… I mean edgy” LOL. Kills me every time!! Still, not my favourite thing to be called, but I get it this top is hella cute

Hope you guys like these shots! Talk in the next post xo

IMG_9814_Facetune_25-07-2018-00-30-20IMG_0138_Facetune_24-07-2018-23-54-59IMG_0142_Facetune_25-07-2018-00-10-46IMG_0140_Facetune_24-07-2018-23-57-57IMG_0143_Facetune_25-07-2018-00-22-01Processed with VSCO with a4 presetTop: Zara (similar) |Pants: thrifted (similar)|Bag: Amazon|Shoes: Call It Spring (similar)

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