The National Women’s Show 2018


Goodmorning guys! I was invited to attend the national women’s show this year which was really exciting. For those who don’t know, the show is a huge exhibition of vendors geared towards women (but don’t worry boys you can come too). It’s described as the ultimate girls day out to come enjoy food, fashion, beauty, shopping and more. It’s going on this weekend (April 14-15) and is totally worth checking out! I attended yesterday and had a really enjoyable time with my mom who I brought with me.

I wanted to share my experience with you and a quick round-up of some of the stand out vendors I came across.

We started our day making our way around the food vendors area. There were tons of different and interesting vendors to sample from. We tried everything from popcorn to cheese to ice cream. One vendor that I found really cool was this organic smoothie brand called Evive. They sell smoothies in this condensed cube form which you can place in a container, add liquid and shake it up for a super easy smoothie on the go.

In this area, you can also find the culinary stage where they do different live demos throughout the day. We caught a bit of one that was showing how to make zoodles (zucchini noodles), which I really need to try out. I don’t even like zucchini but I think it time I figure out what all the hype is about, though I sincerely doubt its any better than spaghetti squash or you know actual delicious pasta!!

After the food vendors, we headed inside to the more beauty, fashion and lifestyle area. We caught a bit of the fashion show that was happening then headed down all the endless rows of vendors. Here are my top 3 favourites:

1. Buff Ottawa: They are a mobile spa, so they come to you to provide a whole range of services in the comfort of your home.  I love this concept especially during the time of year when going outside isn’t number one on my want to do list. They do birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events and they were doing free manis at the show so they were clearly a winner in my book.

2. Mama Shell’s cakes: Right after our manis at Buff we came across the coolest cupcake concept ever!! Boozy cupcakes! Maybe that’s not a new concept, but it was more the execution of it that was so exciting to me. Each cupcake had a mini pipette stuck in it with a different alcoholic drink in it that you would squeeze to infuse your cupcake. There was a chocolate baileys cupcake, a vanilla champagne cupcake and more. Tell me that’s not a genius idea!!

3. Poppies & Peonies: This brand is just too cute not to share. They sell bags, purses and these super cute bag charms as well (spot the cute pineapple charm in the picture!). Their table was constantly busy and I totally get why. Their stuff is so cute, looks really well made and there seemed to be something for everyone.

After doing the rounds of the show multiple times (bring your step counter you’re sure to reach your goal at the show lol), we headed home happy from our experience and our filled goodie bag. I definitely recommend you check it out, especially if you’ve never been. It’s on today again until 5pm, so grab your girlfriends and enjoy some girly Sunday fun.

Thanks to the national women show for having me! And thanks to you guys for stopping by and reading. See you in the next one! xo




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