The Mom & Daughter Edition


Hey guys! Woah it feels like forever since my last post. I must admit it’s been quite a while. I had to put school first the last two weeks since it was getting so busy, but I’ve made it to reading week and of course, my first priority is to share a look with you guys.  Actually, it’s two looks this time so I think that makes up for my little break. I somehow managed to convinced my mom to do a shoot with me and I’m SO happy I did. How friggen cute is she!? Haha I’m a huge mommy’s girl so I hope some of you can relate. But yes this is my mommy, everybody say hi Nadine.

Joe Fresh contacted me a while back to feature some pieces from their fall collection, and at the time my mom was going back to work from her summer break, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to treat her to a new outfit and a fun shoot day out with me. I try to treat my mom whenever I can, it’s something that’s really important to me.  I really think everyone should make the effort and not just wait for Mother’s Day or whatever. Moms do a lot and it really shouldn’t take being one to realize how much they do. So ya, that’s my PSA for the day, treat your mama people! And really it can be so simple, they just want to be involved in your life and know what you’re doing. That’s why I had the idea to get her involved in this shoot! Also, I really wanted to feature this awesome dress but didn’t think I would do it justice, but she certainly slayed in it.  And not to mention that we got cute pictures and outfits out of it so I think it was a pretty good move.

Hope you guys like this post! And feel free to leave any comments. Nadine over here will definitely enjoy reading them. She already thinks she’s famous from reading the ones on Instagram LOL. Alright, thanks for reading guys! xo


IMG_8619IMG_8617IMG_8622IMG_8623FullSizeRenderIMG_8620Mom- Dress: Joe Fresh |Shoes (similar) | Bag (similar)

Me- Dress: Joe Fresh | T-shirt: Joe Fresh | Jeans: Joe Fresh | Boots: Call it Spring

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