Cape-ing It Real



Don’t be fooled by these pictures and my calm demeanour, it was cold out, I was freezing by the end of shooting! Although temperatures here have been warmer than usual (GASP! They’re even calling for a green Christmas!), this outfit definitely should’ve come together earlier in the season. So, fair warning, if you’d like to recreate this look make sure to layer under the turtleneck and/or opt for a thicker long sleeved one. Also, you can definitely add a jacket, but I felt like the ones I have didn’t work well with the look and I really wanted the cape to stand on it’s own. I think a long streamlined black coat could work well if you happen to have one.

Like my cringe worthy title suggests, I’m keeping it real in this post by sharing some #bloggerstuggles that I’ve run into recently. First off, like I mentioned earlier, it’s getting cooold and shooting outside is getting a lot less pleasant. And to add to the fun, it also gets dark a lot earlier now so getting outside in time to shoot is pretty close to impossible most days. I’m a big fan of natural lighting and not flash photography so you can see how this darkness becomes a problem. Does anyone else get a lot less productive because of this? By the time  5 o’clock rolls around I feel like heading to bed since it feels like it’s about 10:00! (That was always my excuse for not getting homework done back in high school… I still stand by it lol)

This one is less of a blogger struggle and more of my own personal weirdness; my love for fall fashion is real (read my post about it here). So every year I have this problem where I can’t get out of dressing for fall (hence this outfit). I’m ok with layering, just not for winter… A Canadian winter that is. Give me an LA winter and I’d be livinnng! I might even like winter! If that wasn’t enough, to add to the “I can’t stop dressing for fall” struggle, I’ve also decided that I’m more into skirts and dresses now, than in spring and summer. Whyyy?!? I really don’t know but here’s my solution; I’m moving to Florida!!!!

LOL joking, I wish! I’ll just be hibernating in my room if you need me. Ok thanks byeee!

Ps. If you’re a blogger reading this, let me know in the comments that I’m not alone in the struggle!



Turtleneck: Thrifted (similar) | Cape: H&M (similar) | Pants: H&M (similar) |Boots: H&M (similar)|Bag: Forever21 (similar) | Watch : Rosefieldwatches

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